I'LL KNOW MY LOVE by Pearl Bucklen Bentel


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A romance is set in Finland and the United States during and post- WWII as it chronicles young Sirkka's growth to womanhood. At 12 in 1939 Sirkka knows she wants to be an actress, but the war and the rough tossings given Finland by both Russia and Germany bring enforced deprivation to Sirkka and her family as for the next years they are shunted from place to place. Finally settled in Helsinki, Sirkka finds the longed for opportunity to study drama and a position as a pupil-actress with a theatre in Turku. Through letters she also becomes better acquainted with the Cameron family in Ohio who had sent some presents, and still another opportunity- to study in America- materializes. Meanwhile, Sirkka has met a young officer Tuure, whose sincere but very infrequent communications leave Sirkka with mixed feelings as she starts her year abroad and she almost decides to marry an American director before she returns to Tuure. Light reading.

Pub Date: July 1st, 1955
Publisher: Longmans, Green