I AM ANTHONY by Peg Stokes


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Admittedly written for the purpose of helping and inspiring, this translates Heaven as a ""real literal place"" and sends the sinning Anthony Andrews there before he is called to learn God's purpose. Here is his progress from his first days with his Mom, to the guidance of his Guardian Angel Henry, to his acquiring wings, and, with them, to a visit to Jesus and, later, to stand before his Creator in judgement. He and Henry are assigned to help Ned and Laura Newcome in a small Indiana town and, returned to earth, they go about saving Ned from the death penalty and Laura from the stigma of being a witch. Anthony, through his efforts to follow instructions, achieves the goal, is given a new assignment and is there to welcome his son to the Kingdom. Only the most unsophisticated reader will be able to go all the way with this, earnest and devout as it is.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall