THE INWARD EYE by Peggy Bacon
Kirkus Star


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**Lots of old ingredients -- mistaken identity, financial shakedowns, blackmail and kidnapping, but put together with an ordinary, and very believable touch. Helen (Nellie) Mertle is hounded by another Helen Mertle's bills, cables, and mail: Nellie's reporter husband, Brad, is off on a Washington assignment: a party leads to the disappearance of her young son: and Nellie in her speculative and imaginative innocence is caught in the mesh of a good guy fouled up with human lice. She breaks through the falsities and, in spite of Brad's getting the story of Helen Mertle's murder, the other sticks with her belief in the rightness of a certain justice for the killer. The intelligent plausible here will not make you too mad about the all night electric bill. Goody.

Pub Date: Feb. 8th, 1952
Publisher: Scribner