THE MAGIC TOUCH by Peggy Bacon


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To escape from Miss Fancher's fancy cooking (caviar and sour cream, lobster Madrid), Esther, Ben and Ted Lurie borrow neighbor Jason's cookbook and follow the recipe for beef patties right down to the catnip seasoning. One uncontrollable sleep later, they awake as cats, proceed as such until they figure out rehumanization procedures. During the week (parents away--hence Miss Fancher's hegemony), they follow several other recipes from The Kitchen Witchery of Granny Thunderlite, becoming dogs, rabbits and birds. The episodes themselves are progressively more intricate as the children become more enthusiastic about assuming new identities but they have no real magic. The three ultimately cook up a scheme to get Miss Fancher married off to someone who likes fancy food but the ingredients never blend into light-rising fantasy.

Pub Date: Aug. 15th, 1968
Publisher: Little, Brown