MONKEY IN THE HOUSE by Peggy Barnard


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A fond and catching small chronicle of the adoption of a baby Capuchin monkey and his stay in Mrs. Barnard's household in eastern Scotland, at the insistence of her daughter who found the little monkey woeful, and obviously worn out, in the window of a local pet shop. With no guidance at all (books-and the nearby vet- had no information to give them), they were able to feed and care for him, provide the cosseting and companionship he needed, and create a successful rapport with their two cats. A demanding creature (very vocal when left alone) he never fully responded to their attempts to house-break him- nor could he left without the collar and the lend he so resented. Finally with exodus to Canada, she was forced to place him in a zoo where he could have constant companionship and relative freedom.... The photographs- the author's- should help to increase the appeal here which is perhaps more confined than Born Free but still is for all animal lovers of all ages.

Pub Date: Aug. 31st, 1961
Publisher: Dutton