THE TELLTALE LINE: The Secret of Handwriting Analysis by Peggy Mann

THE TELLTALE LINE: The Secret of Handwriting Analysis

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Unlike the few pages on graphology in Haislip's all-purpose Stars, Spells, Secrets and Sorcery (p. 333, J-113), Mann's businesslike guide ignores occultists' pretentions and concentrates on the ""science"" of personality analysis. Her numerous charts and samples are based on the assumption that a person's margins, line slope and spacing, letter shapes, etc. (there are even two pages on how you dot your i's) are dues to whether he's careless, shy, artistic, lonely, intelligent, or whatever. Very likely such equivalents are all an amateur needs to know, but they're hardly secrets--much of this is cockamamie commonsense--and we can't share the faith of those unnamed companies that save themselves time, effort and money by hiring or not according to the graphologist's report.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1976
Page count: 72pp
Publisher: Macmillan