BE READY AT EIGHT by Peggy Parish


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A neatly structured approach to the nicest of surprises--absent-minded Miss Molly is giving herself a party! This cheerful oldster awakens with a string on her finger, a reminder that ""something special is happening today""; but her queries to neighbor Mr. Block cutting roses ("". . . for the flower show?""), minister Dr. Wade (""I wanted to ask about the church supper""), and everyone else in this closely-acquainted small town net her only the information that they all expect to see her at eight. . . though the alert youngster might suspect what's up as soon as Mr. Block says evasively that the roses ""are for something very special."" But the best fun, and the nicest lesson in living loose, is Miss Molly's dawning realization that, for some reason or other, she's giving a party--so she'd better bake a cake and get herself ready. ""I do love surprises,"" she says; and the door opens to a throng shouting ""HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"" Now, the cake served, Miss Molly can take off the string. It's a welcome return for the heroine of Too Many Rabbits (1974) and still another demonstration of Peggy Parish's ability to make us smile kindly at fuzzy-mindedness: Miss Molly, after all, is not unique.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1979
Publisher: Macmillan