MIND YOUR MANNERS! by Peggy Parish


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No tongue-in-cheek ""What Do You Say, Dear?"" but a straight, simple lesson in the uses of please, thank you, and may I be excused. Except for telling kids to give their names when they answer the phone, it's all perfectly harmless, generally acceptable advice, such as ""Chew with your mouth closed,"" ""When eating at a friend's house, offer to help with clean-up,"" and ""Don't touch [the merchandise] in stores."" And no one could quarrel with Parish's tips on getting along with peers: ""Wait your turn at games,"" ""don't interrupt,"" and ""don't whisper in front of others"" all jibe with her reasonable observation that ""Good manners make you a nicer person to know."" Of course we all know that you don't acquire them this way, but there will probably always be parents who hope it will work. For their kids, Hafner at least makes it look nice and easy.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1978
Publisher: Greenwillow (Read Alone)