CLUES IN THE WOODS by Peggy Parish


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After finding The Key to the Treasure (1966) at Grandpa's house, Jed and Liza and Bill start after the missing kitten scraps: Grandma puts them out for the neighboring children each evening and during the night they disappear. So does new puppy Jelly Bean. . . and Liza's red sweater. . . and some of the best blackberries. A newspaper story about runaway stepchildren convinces the quick-sympathy threesome that they are the prowlers, especially after finding a trail into the woods, and they set out some solid food. The explanation is less maudlin if no more probable, but it hardly matters: the kids scrap convincingly among themselves, they're always on the go, and there are enough clues in the woods and narrow serapes in the kitchen to keep readers rushing along.

Pub Date: Aug. 12th, 1968
ISBN: 044041461X
Publisher: Macmillan