LIVES OF SOCIAL INSECTS by Peggy Pickering & Mervin W. Larson


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Some people feel a strange affinity with the insect world, or perhaps admiration for a group so fiercely capable of survival over the millenia. The Larsons have written a good book, the style lucid but light, and the content, about wasps and bees and ants, fresh and interesting. Honeybee enthusiasts, for example, may be happy to know that current research has gone beyond von Frisch and the waggle dance and has explored bees' abilities to detect sound vibrations, orient by ultraviolet light and keep to a 24-hour time cycle. Someone has also conscientiously clocked a worker recently and found that during 177 hours of constant observation in and out of the hive, the lady spent 70 hours in pure loafing. Busy bee indeed!

Pub Date: Oct. 21st, 1968
Publisher: World