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10 MINUTES TILL BEDTIME by Peggy Rathmann


by Peggy Rathmann & illustrated by Peggy Rathmann

Age Range: 2 - 7

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1998
ISBN: 0-399-23103-X
Publisher: Putnam

Rathmann (Officer Buckle and Gloria, 1995, etc.) offers a loony look at the shank of one child’s evening in this manic picture book. The story is in the pictures; the text consists of the calling out of the countdown of the last ten minutes to bedtime by a boy’s father, comfortably ensconced in his armchair and behind a newspaper. In the newspaper and on a computer screen, though, readers glimpse an ad for The boy’s hamster has apparently offered the ten-minute bedtime tour to every hamster in the world, and while the boy snacks, brushes his teeth, and reads a story (this very book, as it happens), more and more hamsters arrive, in toy cars and oatmeal-box trucks and on foot. By the time it is “2 minutes to bedtime,” our hero either realizes he’s forgotten his bath or decides to give the multitudinous hamsters more of a show, so he leaps into the tub and out, dries himself, uses the potty, gets back into his green-striped pajamas, and into bed shouting an answering “Bedtime!” to his father’s cry. The hamsters melt away and the father comes in for a goodnight kiss. The colors are clear and cheerful; the boy, with his saucer eyes and fuzzy slippers, will enchant any child who has listened to a similar countdown to lights out. (Picture book. 2-7)