HOW YOUNG YOU LOOK: Memoirs of a Middle-sized Actress by Peggy Wood

HOW YOUNG YOU LOOK: Memoirs of a Middle-sized Actress

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No sobersides about ""me and my art"", Miss Wood's ""continuously oscillating line"" strays all over the theatrical map and her personal fortunes and mishaps and provides a pleasant addition to a shelf of theatrical memoirs. She fishes up this and that about her personal and professional life and makes an entertaining record. Her journalist father had ambitions for her to be a singer, but she turned early to the theatre from a pre-war childhood, starred in Maytime, Candida, Bittersweet etc. Her marriage to John V. A. Weaver -- and a child -- did her bit in Hollywood-- was widowed. Equity and present day theatrical activities. Engagingly told, though occasionally self-consciously so, but she can be biting, she is usually honest, and she has a sense of humor about herself. Lots of theatrical chit, chat, names, anecdotes, etc.

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 1941
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart