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I found this an exceedingly valuable presentation of the office of the presidency today, challenging one's assumption of knowledge of the duties and responsibilities involved, and showing wherein the presidency has diverged from the outlines laid down by the Founding Fathers, and why, and in what direction further deviations may and should be made. The author makes a plea for a majority support of the person and the office, as our democratic heritage, in a time when the conduct of public affairs should be placed above bargaining. He discusses the shortcomings of our present party system, the need for revision of the seniority rule, of greater internal organization, of elimination of deliberate obstructionist blocs, sectional bias and strictly party lines. He analyzes the methods of presidential control, and shows how President Roosevelt put up a terrific battle to cut costs -- and failed, and now has gone to the other extreme; how skillful his handling of strategic problems has been, his tact in personal and governmental matters, his cementing of public support. He surveys various proposals put up in recent years for change,and suggests others. The book closes with an appendix presenting the existing legislation for war powers of a president. This is a volume in the American Government in Action series.

ISBN: 1412805562
Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart