THE WISH BOTTLE by Penelope Coker Wilson


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The language and content of this book are directed toward those with a very limited amount of reading experience. Unlike most books at this level, which rely heavily on simple sentences and monosyllabic adjectives, this one is almost entirely descriptive. A little boy, who is always hopefully but unsuccessfully making wishes, finds an old glass bottle in a field and decides it must be magic. His first, simple requests are rationalized to come true. Finally the power of the bottle is negated when the boy wishes and then unwishes to be sent to the moon. The possibilities for action, such as the birth of the boy's baby sister (it's known as Newbaby) and of a puppy, are supplanted by the boy's real and imaginary observations. The approach is unusual, but the mood is not distinctive enough to sustain the interest of readers.

Pub Date: March 29th, 1965
Publisher: Reilly & Lee