PEPPER by Pepper & Al Thorny Rodgers


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Cocky and brash, Pepper is an oddball coach--disciplined enough on the football field but no Wooden figure the rest of the week. At Georgia Tech, his alma mater, he is known less for field strategies (the wishbone defense) than for general shenanigans, clear evidence of a simple philosophy: ""I do things because they make me feel good."" This artless biography features the controversial coach in his own, decidedly plain words, recalling the offbeat aspects of his career and glossing over the more incriminating items. A speedreader, motorcyclist, and avowed egotist, he has his own Sunday talk show (win or lose), three high-priced cars, and a refreshing willingness to overlook the adolescent lapses of his young players. No postgame regrets, no lateral issues--just an easygoing recap of a colorful personality.

Pub Date: Dec. 3rd, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday