TWO DAYS, TWO NIGHTS by Per Olof Sundman


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A chilly conte of unexpected turns and unspecified intentions, this spends two days, two nights with two members of a hunting party of five--a schoolteacher and a policeman who travel together and eventually alone up in the desolate northern reaches of Sweden. The hunt proves to be a manhunt and the prisoner they capture is a boy who has killed three men. Together they maintain watch over him in a cabin; tense and tired, tempers snap like dry twigs; eventually they lose control of their captive when he gains possession of an iron poker; finally when he refuses to go with them, they strip him of his clothes and leave him behind. . . . All of this is told in cleancut, foreshortened, deliberately repetitive sentences which heighten the elemental effectiveness of brute fear and violence while not eliminating the possibility that more remains unsaid. But what?

Pub Date: May 7th, 1969
Publisher: Pantheon