WHAT'S A HEAVEN FOR! by Percy Marks


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Here's a book built on the back to the soil theme. It has simplicity and charm, and plays up to the current faith in the miracle the country may perform -- security in small towns, villages and farms. The story of a farm boy, forced out of his natural bent by his father's ambition that he fulfill the destiny the father hoped for himself. The grandfather had brought security to his family through the farm in California, and had denied his son the education he craved. So the son, in his turn, forces his son to go to the University of California, though it means working his way through, and it takes the depression -- and the failure of the bank as a life work -- to bring him back to the farm where he belongs. Marks has the gift of telling a moral tale in palatable form, for popular consumption.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1938
Publisher: Stokes