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A Nicholas Pantera Mystery (Book 3)

by Pete Anderson

Pub Date: March 23rd, 2012
ISBN: 978-1470138714
Publisher: CreateSpace

Anderson (The High Road Less Traveled, 2009) pens the final installment in the Nicholas Pantera series.

Nick and his newlywed wife, Katie, have survived a harrowing near-death experience on the carrier Ronald Reagan. Rescued by the unexplained passing of a random boat, Nick and Katie are now fighting another tragedy: She is pregnant and, due to radiation exposure on the Reagan, has breast cancer. With his hands already full trying to protect the world from the villainous Minisoft—a corporation that has already proven that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to achieve global domination—the stakes have just been raised with the creation of a faction of cloned, military supersoldiers being used to further Minisoft’s cause. Nick is now faced with making the choice between the life of his wife or that of his unborn child. When Minisoft makes him an offer he can’t refuse, Nick must decide if he’s willing to give up everything he believes in order to save his family. Anderson proves that he has an imagination, expertly blending current and future technology. There’s plenty of fodder to entertain military enthusiasts and a slight nod to The Terminator series in the form of an assassin clone—one of the tens of thousands of highly trained killing machines created by Minisoft—who has named himself Clint (after watching Dirty Harry movies) and whose emotions have somehow developed enough to allow him to fall in love with a human woman. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t kill her if the right sequence is activated. With the return of multiple characters introduced in the first two books, readers may be better served to read this series in chronological order. The writing requires fine-tuning—especially when it comes to the author’s excessive predilection for supersized ellipses.

Requires another round of editing, but the last in Anderson’s trilogy completes a lively, gadget-filled action-adventure.