A NIGHT OF THEIR OWN by Peter Abrahams


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Peter Abrahams is a South African now living in Jamaica. This is his sixth novel. A Night of Their Own is set in present day South Africa and is concerned with the complicated racial situation there. Richard Nkosi, alias Richard Dube, a Negro artist of South African origin, returns to his native land as a courier for the black underground movement. He lands on the Zululand coast with a vast sum of money and is secreted away by the Indian elements of the freedom movement. The presence of the Indians in the underground is in itself touching for they are discriminated against both by black and white but feel that their chances for survival are best with the anti-apartheid forces. Nkosi's mission is discovered by the white security agents and the net surrounding the resistance movement grows tighter as he is hunted down. His final escape ironically is affected through the aid of a reactionary Indian businessman and an uncommitted sea captain. There is an incidental love affair between Nkosi and an Indian woman which is doubtlessly intended to intensify the racial complications on a personal level. But for the reader this device only serves to interrupt the inevitable excitement of the chase. Actually the book is far more interesting in terms of the situation it describes than in the characters it presents.

Publisher: Knopf