IN HONORED GLORY: The Story of Arlington by Peter Andrews

IN HONORED GLORY: The Story of Arlington

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For those who might want to read it, here it is, the story of Arlington National Cemetery complete with twenty-five biographical sketches of the more prominent deceased. It tells of how Arlington (the former home of Robert E. Lee) was chosen as a cemetery site out of spite (a grudge against the General). It relates the story of the Unknown Soldier (which Quentin Reynolds dealt with at greater length in Known But to God- 1960) and discusses the growth of Arlington as a national shrine. It describes various aspects of different funerals including President Kennedy's and gives the origin of funeral customs--the 21 gun salute, the caparisoned horse, taps, etc. The appendices include the regulations on eligibility for burial at Arlington, types of military funerals and a list of the distinguished Americans whose remains have lain in state at the capitol. The book is no more in depth than the statistics you read on a headstone. Its main interest is commemorative.

Publisher: Putnam