TIME AND A TICKET by Peter Benchley


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Two young Harvard graduates set out to see the ""world"" that had been fleet-? mentioned to them in the protected halls of academe. Travelling on a parental fellowship without temporal limitations, they saw the major world capitals and learned as much about America and its image as they did about the cities they were visiting. Beginning with a summer of European travel attuned more to beaches and casinos than of people, the travellers flew from Egypt to Jerusalem, Teheran, Karachi, New Delhi, and eventually toured the capitals of Malaya, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and Hawaii. n the non-European leg of the jaunt, they became acquainted with the people of the country through introductions (Nehru) and through chance (guides and sundry friengly natives). They saw Americans abroad, from diplomats to Peace Corpsmen, and they found themselves debating as representatives of their country. Essentially a well-written travel book with the added attraction of fresh impressions not found in the usual Baedeker.

Pub Date: Aug. 11th, 1964
Publisher: oughton Mifflin