THE DEEP by Peter Benchley


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Once bitten, probably a good many other people will be twice as shy about predicting whether this will have the maxillary crunch of Jaws; by any other name it would be what it is, an enjoyable and very active story of deep sea treasure off Bermuda where Gail and David Sanders are spending their honeymoon. It all begins with the ampule of glass they retrieve for which they're offered a little money. Not enough since it contains morphine or opium and it attracts the interest, and menace, of a black man, Cloche, who will be difficult to shake off. But along with a very experienced salvage diver, Treece, they keep going down and alt kinds of things keep coming up from pieces of eight to priceless objets d'art and more ampules while Cloche, his divers and sharks are to be fought off in the narrowing margin of survival. . . . Everything shines--the blue, blue waters, the gold and of course the reflected glory.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday