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by Peter Bently & illustrated by Mei Matsuoka

Pub Date: April 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7613-8990-3
Publisher: Andersen Press USA

A self-deluded wolf is determined to catch a lamb for his supper.

Lou Pine believes that he is wily and sly and much smarter than any sheep. When Rambo the Ram blocks his initial foray into the pasture, insisting that he scram and vamoose, Lou decides that a “sheepy disguise” is the way to success. He tries stealing Ma Watson’s fluffy white gown, getting painted white by a road-marking machine, covering himself in cotton candy and threatening Red Riding Hood’s granny into knitting him a sheep-like sweater. But all his attempts meet with dismal failure and a rather disgusting final reckoning. Bently employs rollicking rhyme at a breakneck pace to tell the goofy tale. The lines are of varying lengths and don’t always scan neatly, but the rhymes are mostly breezy and accessible to young readers. Word selection is quite slangy and might not sit well with adults, especially in Lou’s last adventure, in which he “land[s] kersplat in a big pile of poo!” Of course, little ones will delight in the grossness. The text weaves in and around Matsuoka’s textured, stylized cartoon illustrations, adding greatly to the hilarity. But, strangely, Lou doesn’t even remotely resemble a wolf and really looks like no recognizable animal.

Feels like a TV cartoon with lots of silly action and no real point, but fun nonetheless.

(Picture book. 4-9)