STRESS DISEASE: The Growing Plague by Peter Blythe

STRESS DISEASE: The Growing Plague

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Hypno/psychotherapist Mr. Blythe gets around -- whether it's looking into acupuncture in Tientsin or addressing the Artificial Insemination Department of the Milk Marketing Board. His book travels too and it's not exclusively about stress (""lifestyle changes"" are said to affect some 125 diseases) although it starts off there maintaining that cancer is more attributable to personality than smoking, or that men suffer from stress far more than women and therefore their increase in lung cancer is ""much higher"" (we have seen different figures of late equalizing the sexes). With only token acknowledgment of Hans Selye -- Blythe is much more impressed with the work of Wilhelm Reich and Arthur Janov -- he then discusses ""meaningful sexuality"" (another new thought -- is the condom really an unconscious ""act of limitation""?), marital failures, immaturity, and the prevalent mechanization and urbanization which contributes to the tension of our times. Obviously unorthodox and contention-prone and probably too peripatetic to be .of much use to the general reader, however attuned he may be to the psychogenic powers that no doubt be.

Pub Date: Nov. 13th, 1973
Publisher: St. Martin's Press