BULLFIGHT by Peter Buckley


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In intensifying various types of bullfighters -- from the youngest amateur to the lauded professional -- through a series of profiles, this presents an overlay of portraits that epitomizes the man who fights bulls -- and the world within which he moves. The country is Spain, the rings extend from north to south, and the matadors represent those whose expertise is fraudulent, perfect, instinctive, practiced, haphazard, and who please, annoy, deceive, ingratiate or antagonize their audience. The picture moves -- from one to another personality, from one to another ring, until, on a clock-ticking schedule the final bullfight brings them all together with destiny at their heels. An active and suspenseful montage of the men and their backgrounds, the bulls, the towns and cities, the blood and sand of death in the afternoon, this is to be illustrated with photographs which will give an extra dimension to the text. Something for that taurine audience.

Pub Date: Sept. 22nd, 1958
Publisher: Simon & Schuster