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CASTLE OF FIRE by Peter C. Greene


Adventures of Jonathan Moore, Book 2

by Peter C. Greene

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1480203457
Publisher: CreateSpace

Young midshipman Jonathan Moore is back and ready for more swashbuckling in the second installment of Greene’s (Skull Eye Island, 2012) nautically themed YA series.

In 1801, after capturing the French 74-gun ship Danielle, Jonathan and his crew return to London as triumphant victors. Waiting for him at the docks is his long-lost father, who’s been gone for years. Their reunion is joyous yet short-lived. Jonathan is soon itching to return to sea, and when the new crew of the Danielle is called to leave for the Bahamian coast, his father, a captain, reluctantly allows him to sail. What should be an easy four-month cruise turns into something more complicated when Capt. William Walker, Jonathan’s commander, realizes he has the opportunity to turn the tides of war. Chock-full of adventurous fun, the novel follows the crew as they navigate their way through various tricky situations. Greene seamlessly weaves together several dynamic storylines—pirates, a stowaway, attempted murder and the dreaded French Navy—creating a rich, complex world for readers to enjoy. Each thread is well-developed and works to further the story to a thrilling, fiery climax. Though peppered with interesting facts on British Navy life in the early 1800s, the narrative never feels weighed down with extraneous trivia or overly technical jargon. It’s driven by an eclectic, well-drawn cast of characters, from the salty ship’s cook to the hot-tempered captain to resourceful Jonathan. Also joining the crew is the irrepressible stowaway Miss Delain Dowdeswell, whose spunk and wit will appeal to young female readers. Delain, Jonathan and his quirky best friend, Sean Flagon, form a wonderful trio whose escapades—including a thrilling assault on a fleet of French ships—will leave readers hooked.

A spirited tale of high-seas adventure that will leave readers both young and old anxiously waiting for more.