DUEL OF WITS by Peter Churchill


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Another Resistance thriller (see report on Serge Baculik's Air Commando, p. 830 in the December 15, 1954 Bulletin) with France the scene of operations, this is the story of a British officer and his four secret missions to occupied territory. Extending from the days when he attended the Sabotage Training Schools of the French Section of the War Office in 1941, to his capture after an informer's betrayal in 1943, his story serves to reveal the extent and importance of the operations, the gallantry and intelligence employed in carrying them out. Churchill's missions led him across the Pyrenees, into Paris, onto the Riviera beaches as he made connections, sought to free prisoners, brought in radio men and transmitters, etc... This is the personal story of his friendship with the difficult but devoted Arnaud, a radio man, and his love for his courageous courier, Lise, a Frenchwoman who had left three children in Somerset to work for her country. With a greater sense of the machinery of undercover work than the Vaculik book, this too has dramatic and personal elements to make a full reading experience.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1955
Publisher: Putnam