BLOOD AND WATER by Peter de Polnay


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Blood and Water's as light as rosÉ--full of properly, improperly amorous partnerships which leave young Claud with a real identity problem at the death of his father Victor Darnell. Is he Victor's son? By Margery, who now lives in the south of France while Victor has had a housekeeper/mistress Lil who attends to his every need. All of these ladies (Lil, Margery, a friend) seem to have had other experiences on the Place Pigalle to start with--they were ""whore(s) of yore""--but they are very willing to share and share alike. Claud, an innocent who has left the sturdy Ludmilla behind him in England, now finds an equivalent of his mother in Modeste, who too has had a little mishap. C'est Ça--amused and amusing with a touch of French cunning.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1976
Publisher: St. Martin's