THE LONG REACH: A Report on Harvard Today by Peter French

THE LONG REACH: A Report on Harvard Today

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Amidst all the current hoopla on the so-called death or dearth of American education, it is a happy event indeed to have so handsome and hopeful a look at that scholar-crammed colossus on the Charles, Harvard University. Anyone who has ever been there can second the author's hosannas: the diversity is devastating, from the flashy faculty (Conant, Brinton, Tillich, Bundy) to the College ""types"" (the butch, beats, longhairs, white bucks, casuals); the Schools are dynamos, from Littauer, Law, Medical and Business to the ravenous research institutes and the new Electron Accelerator project. The everyday talk round the Yard embraces Eliot and neutrons, sex and disarmament, megalopoly and diploma riots (""Latin si, Pusey no""); the influence is a New Deal-New Frontier fact and the standards are staggering (the median student of the 60's equalling the top tenpercenters of the 50's). A smart, snappy tour of a communitas where the elite really meet.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1962
Publisher: Washburn