IT'S ALL ADVENTURE by Peter Freuchen


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Autobiographical -- covering the years following his life in Greenland, from 1924 up to the launching of his Hollywood experiences. Those who read and enjoyed Arctic Adventure will find this more diffuse, less dramatic, but -- in parts at least -- full of the same almost naive zest for life. Partially crippled by the loss of one leg, he cannot undertake exploration on his own, but manages, one way and another, to be ""in the know,"" and to take sometimes a vital part, of almost every phase of Arctic adventure which had its roots in the Scandinavian countries, in Germany, Italy, Russia. There is a good deal about the adventures in home making, his second marriage, their island farm, the raising of his two half-Eskimo children, and so on. There is intense egotism -- but rarely is it objectionable, for it seems so child-like that one cannot take exception to it. A chatty, vital story, by a man who has made a place for himself. Interesting picture of developments in Greenland today. Revealing data relating to the Nobile expedition.

Publisher: Farrar & Rinehart