SUCH DEVOTED SISTERS: Those Fabulous Gabors by Peter H. Brown

SUCH DEVOTED SISTERS: Those Fabulous Gabors

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Presumably anyone who'd be interested in a book about Zsa Zsa, Eva, Magda, and Jolie has already read their assorted autobiographies--and doesn't need this disjointed triptych (with mama Jolie mostly in the background). But, for those older fans with a lingering case of Gabor-mania, here it all is again, filled out with Brown's cullings from ""1,000 gossip column items, 3,000 newspaper and magazine clippings, and dozens of syndicated biographies""--not to mention 250 hours of video-tape. (Zsa Zsa: ""my life story is on the talk shows."") Nouveau fiche and a frustrated actress, Jolie raised her three Hungarian daughters to make it big in both society and show-biz. Zsa Zsa, the high-strung one, came through for Jolie most ostentatiously: after a bizarre marriage to an aging Turk (""It boggles the mind!"") and a possible Halson with Ataturk himself, she ""knocked Hollywood over with her delicate beauty"" and neatly netted Conrad Hilton (""tall, older, domineering--all the things a young girl whose father had been somewhat cold and distant to her would want""); then, after the famed pills/booby-hatch episode (did Eva have Zsa Zsa committed?), masochistic Zsa Zsa two-timed with sadistic George Sanders and shallow sexual athlete Rubirosa; and meanwhile, via TV, she found instant, giitzy celeb-stardom. Eva, the ambitious one, had a calmer but tougher climb: a few marriages, a discreet affair with Tyrone Power, un-temperamental acting work that eventually paid off with a TV series. And, other than a brief cabaret spin with her sisters, Magda has kept a relatively low profile--from a 1940s affair with the Portuguese ambassador to Hungary to a 1960s stroke. Brown's lumpy patchwork becomes increasingly non-chronological, eventually collapsing into a string of anecdotes (the jewels, the facelifts, etc.). And his tabloid prose often goes over the edge into sheer tackiness. (""As their bodies melded together, Zsa Zsa whispered urgent words in the dark."") All in all: boring, dahling.

Pub Date: Feb. 5th, 1984
Publisher: St. Martin's