INSIDE TENNIS: A Season on the Pro Tour by Peter & June Harrison Bodo

INSIDE TENNIS: A Season on the Pro Tour

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Tennis Magazine's Peter Bodo takes us on a lackluster ramble through the 1978 pro tour: a little tennis; lots of small talk; and nothing enthusiasts have not heard before. Bodo and photographer June Harrison cover Italy's Forco Italico; France's Roland Garros; England's Oaklands Park, Devonshire, and Wimbledon; and American tournaments at Indianapolis and New York's Flushing Meadow. ""As the cups chime in the cafes along the Via Veneto,"" Bodo writes typically, ""the lights are all out in the players' rooms at the Holiday Inn""; or else he tells us that ""the day expired slowly."" As for the players, Borg is ""neither articulate nor thoughtful,"" but ""far from stupid""; Evert is ""a seeker given to long bouts of self-analysis""; and while Bodo dismisses newcomer Tracy Austin as ""a bright-eyed child of the vast middle class,"" he finds Pam Shriver a ""more worldly"" sort, with ""the self-possession of the well-bred."" As Bodo goes along, he provides biographical tidbits on many players, pauses to watch matches--Evert, ""with a graceful looping stroke. . . sends the ball down the line"" to King at Wimbledon, etc.--and replays those traditional post-match press conferences. We learn too that women still earn far less than men, and that endorsements can be troublesome unless you genuinely like to use the product. Overall, pro Bill Scanlon sums it up best: ""It's the boredom on the tour that gets you.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1979
Publisher: Delacorte