TUBTE'S MONUMENT by Peter Keveson


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A brash burlesque of Madison Avenue manipulations takes Joe Lavingo from a butcher shop in the Bronx to electronic heights as Rodney Raft- and as the property of Benson Tubrovin (Tubie) who develops a new type television commercial for Adams soups based on Joe's memories of his mother's minestrone. Joe becomes a national sensation; his personal appearances in a Supermarket end in a riot; soup sales soar and Tubie has big plans which end with the news of Joe's father's suicide (his mother ended her days in a refrigerator) and Joe goes back to the Bronx and a meat business of his own... A demonstration of all the hokum in huckstering, spelled out in a vernacular which may be too vulgar for conservatives. The obviously obvious' funny moments are only occasional.

Pub Date: March 19th, 1956
Publisher: Dutton