WOLF MOUNTAIN by Peter Lars Sandberg


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Wolf Mountain is one of those high ones in Colorado and this is a literal ledgehanger in which Matt Whittaker (ex-Vietnam pilot who has never been able to reconcile his wife, or himself, to his willingness to kill over there) takes charge of a young woman Kate and four students on a climb after first a deer, and then their male co-leader, are found shot in the snow. The work of a couple of degenerate ex-prisoners who wantonly fire at anything that moves and before long are taking potshots at the rest of them (a pair of twins are picked off). The desperate circumstances of the trajectory are compounded by cold, avalanche, etc., and Kate's reluctance (she is as peace-loving as Matt's wife) to permit the kill-or-be killed mission which takes him back down the mountain after their assailants. Primarily this will be read for its in extremis story of physical survival since the faint dusting of thou-shalt-nots is a little like powdered snow. For the Deliverance audience, in part only.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1975
Publisher: Playboy Press