ARCHIBALD: Or I Was Very Shy by Peter Lippman

ARCHIBALD: Or I Was Very Shy

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No one in my family looked like any of the other animals."" As Archibald's family consists here of black wavery outlines and some smudgy gray wash, it's hard to tell what they do look like, except that all are possessed of several appendages resembling respectively horns, wings and tails. But when Archibald sets up for himself on the other side of the mountain he makes sure to wear costumes that disguise him as a lion, stork, turtle, or whatever animal he is playing with at the time. And just as they all begin to suspect him, Archibald uses his own native ugliness to scare off invading hunters, thus becoming a feted hero. He still doesn't look like much to us, but then Lippman's naive sketches and throwaway nuggets never pretend to be more than they are. An option.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1975
Publisher: Windmill--dist. by Dutton