ON ASTROLOGY by Peter Livingston


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Straightfaced and accepting, Livingston explains sun signs and houses, zodiac signs and ruling planets along with ascendancy and all the other concepts you have to know in order to cast and understand a horoscope. For each sign of the zodiac he not only describes a typical personality but also speculates on how a Leo, Scorpio or whatever would take to mountain climbing. There is also a list of famous people born under each sign, but no rationalization for the discrepancies (""One of the most important driving forces in the Cancer personality is the need to create a secure home environment for oneself and one's family"" -- yet his prominent Cancers include George Orwell, Franz Kafka, Mick Jagger) except that ""there is much more to your horoscope than the position of the sun alone."" This is no answer to Gallant's scientific skepticism, and Gallant (KR, 1974) also provides a schematic of signs and houses and the like.

Pub Date: March 14th, 1975
Page count: 143pp
Publisher: Prentice-Hall