VROOOM!!! by Peter Manso


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Subtitled Conversations with the Grand Prix Champions, this is tape-recorded togetherness in which the author tries to get to the soul of his subject through questions about everything from politics to the Beatles. Unfortunately he himself is an opinionated back-seat driver interposing interjections like ""Lyndon Johnson's a liar"" or ""There's little doubt in my mind that many--not all, but many--cops are inverted thugs."" The poor interviewees are left gaping at the tape recorder in dubious acquiescence at these points. Still, the fan will discover that Joakin Bonnier runs an Art Gallery and prefers safety first--""If you took all of the danger out of racing I'd enjoy it three times more, a hundred times more""; Dan Gurney has mechanized opinions--he's a Goldwater rightist; Innes Ireland, the last of the playboys, has beefs about Jimmy Clark's reputation and can't stand wives and babies hanging around; Stirling Moss, now retired, has some interesting reminiscences, etc. But these are sidetracked by the author's hot rod exhibitionism.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls