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by Peter May

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2008
ISBN: 978-1-59058-552-8
Publisher: Poisoned Pen

A ruthless killer targets a solver of cold cases.

The oncologist has given forensic expert Enzo MacLeod (The Critic, 2007, etc.) a death sentence. But he barely has time to ponder his future when a frantic call from his daughter Kirsty, with whom he has an uncertain relationship, sends him racing from his home in Cahors to Strasbourg. Kirsty’s friend was killed by a bomb meant for her, and her apartment is trashed, their money stolen and their credit cards canceled. On top of that, his daughter Sophie’s boyfriend’s gym is torched, and the police are seeking MacLeod as a suspect in a murder case back home. MacLeod quickly realizes a crafty killer has set him up. The only bright spot is his one-night stand with Anna, a ski instructor who offers his family a safe house in the Alps while he and Kirsty’s boyfriend Raffin, the journalist whose book on cold cases started MacLeod on his quest, search France, England and Spain for the person responsible for one of the unsolved cases on MacLeod’s list. Tension mounts as MacLeod learns that his opposite number is a professional who has used many identities. Relentlessly stalked by the murderer, he must use all his skills to get himself and his family out of the case alive.

A cerebral, chilling tale bound to burnish May’s reputation.