TWO LEGGINGS: The Making of a Crow Warrior by Peter Nabokov

TWO LEGGINGS: The Making of a Crow Warrior

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The last of the free and life as he saw it: shortly before his death in 1923 Two Leggings was interviewed by a representative from New York's Museum of the American Indian. As rewritten by Mr. Nabokov, a research associate at the Museum, this is a life story which adds considerably to anthropological and historical records and makes engrossing reading. Two Leggings tells of his youth and his driving ambition to be a war chief; he displays, in the intrinsically poetic language of his people, the motives guiding them. Later he became a member of an underground warrior society add distinguished himself in battle, leading the last of the Crow warrior parties before they were shunted off to a reservation. ""Nothing happened after that. We just lived. There were no more war parties, no capturing of horses, no buffalos to hunt. There is no more to tell.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1967
ISBN: 1153195437
Publisher: Crowell