BYRON: The Years of Fame by Peter Quennell

BYRON: The Years of Fame

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A five year period -- from Byron's reluctant return to an England where he was scarcely known, and chiefly disliked, in 1811, to his departure, after his marriage had gone on the rocks, in 1816, -- but those years comprised the most eventful years of a strange life. In main outline, the facts follow the familiar course, but Mr. Quennell has brought together some new material, letters, notes by one of Byron's intimates, that throw light on moot questions, that bring new people into the picture, that make one somewhat more sympathetic to Byron, the man. The method of telling the story is somewhat oblique -- and almost demands a certain amount of comparative information on the subject. Not a book for the person who wants a single book on Byron, but interesting for students of literature, study groups, schools and colleges.

ISBN: 1406793566
Publisher: Viking