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The dazzling trappings and bizarre activities of a filthy rich family captivate a bright lad who hangs around observing every awful thing they do--until they at last invite him to join in the fun. By the author of The Time of the Emergency (1977) and The Firestorm (1969). Goodness, what an unusual family the Albrechts are. Young Ivan, Mrs. Albrecht's son, seems to have lopped off the head of his obscenely fat and obscenely rich adopted father. And Ivan's twin sister Ann has dragged her beloved friend Wilhelm Beresford to watch (from hiding) as her mother, his father, the household chaplain, and the butler dissolve the severed mogul in an acid bath. It's Ann's way of assuring that she and Wilhelm will always have something special in common. Later, after they have married other people, they will have an affair that is very hot stuff indeed. And life goes on without father, by the way. The family and their advisors find it best to pretend that Henry Albrecht is alive but unavailable. We know all this because Wilhelm tells it to his school chum, narrator Bruce Fox. Fox, who has an unrequited lust for Ann, follows the Albrechts, Wilhelm, and all the other Albrecht dependents around the world from New York to Nepal and Paris. He cannot get enough of these people; and when at last Mrs. Albrecht samples Fox's hidden talents, she cannot get enough of him, either. Lewd, luxe, amusing, and without any redeeming social value. Dynasty for the brighter reader.

Pub Date: May 17th, 1988
Publisher: Crown