PEACE ON EARTH: A Commentary on Pope John's Encyclical by Peter Riga

PEACE ON EARTH: A Commentary on Pope John's Encyclical

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Pope John XXIII left as a legacy the great encyclical Pace In Terris as a to his earlier Maer Lt Magistra. It is a blueprint for peace in our times based on truth as a foundation, justice as its rule, love as its driving force, liberty as its atmosphere. This open letter to the world has caused serious men of all faiths to reassess their attitudes toward their fellow men and to nations. It has been read and studied more widely than any other papal statement. Commentaries which have appeared have been relatively brief considering the scope of this great social document of the century. Father Peter Riga ow supplies a full length analysis which pinpoints the specific applications of the principles expounded by the great Pope for the consideration of all men. Father Riga is a competent interpreter of the Church here on highly-complicated areas of human existence. Leon Joseph Cardinal Suenens contributes a foreword. For deeper understanding of the significance and import of Pope John's to the world -- teachers, students and men of good will should read Peace On Earth.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1964
Publisher: Herder & Herder