AFTER THE GOOD WAR: A Love Story by Peter Roger Breggin


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In spite of the overreaching comparisons (Crichton, Orwell) and the high price paid by the publishers for this second novel (omnivores may remember maverick psychiatrist Breggin's The Crazy From the Sane, Lyle Stuart, 1971) this is just ""frantasy""-friction-fiction about what has happened by the time you reach the year 112 After the Good War, after the Red Tide and the Dollar Green Mildew. After the radiation-eradicated, not quite, Hebrew Disease which Historian Rogar is researching to learn that it is just a Plague of Unhappiness -- Guilt, Anxiety and Shame. Here supposedly frenetically enjoying the NOW life via their Pleasure Packs are assorted unthinking NOW Americans although Rogar is beginning to think -- tincture of the Hebrew Disease -- that all is not well in this pleasure dome with psychedelic Koolade -- certainly not among the blacks in the Zoo or the derelicts in the simulated ghetto. Many of the doubtful features of our now America are strafed and there's a lot of centerfold sex all the way through. Before Rogar and one J. A. R. D. Gambol, Chief Psychologist for Female Wishfulfillment, take off for Israel in a rocket and land in another kind of reality. No, not like Crichton, not like Orwell, more like Barbarella.

Pub Date: Jan. 17th, 1972
Publisher: Stein & Day