I SEE BY MY OUTFIT by Peter S. Beagle


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The publisher's comment, ""travel book with a difference,"" seems a bit of an understatement as the author and his friend Phil, two nice young bearded bohemian Jewish boys from the Bronx, roar cross-country on their beloved motor scooters. It's early spring and these two likable troubadours make their way to California with joy in their hearts, sheathed in thermal underwear, and a rapacious desire to taste America, not to mention its cooking. They develop their own all-purpose American speech ""hoping for a vaguely Midwestern effect,"" practice entertaining routines for conversational crises (like the time they had to explain what it's like to be a Negro in New York to an inquiring Navaho), sing for their supper and record their adventures with high-octane zest...Phil paints, Peter writes. An exuberant, wide-eyed look at America that will probably have no effect on American Airlines' passenger list, a 1960ish, squared off On the Road.

Pub Date: April 12th, 1965
ISBN: 1933572078
Publisher: Viking