THE GOVERNOR by Peter S. Jennison


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Graduation week in a small college town in Vermont during the '50's sees the culmination of a power struggle between Amos Windon, ex-governor, college founder, and last of a dynasty, and Jesse Hood, ""new money"" entrepreneur-operator. Also manoeuvering for their own advantage are an Army General, a U.S. Senator, the college president and others. The struggle rages around the issue of whether the college will get the contract for the nuclear reactor, and a discordant voice and challenge is raised by a liberal political science professor (the author's spokesman). On the side, there is his love affair with the founding father's granddaughter. This is, for the most part, unrestrained romanticism which often gets lost in its own words, and a good deal of name dropping: i.e. a Renoir painting, a poodle named Gide, Faberge Easter eggs, etc., and all of this appears out of context. Period piece contemporary.

Publisher: Morrow