THE LIVING CONSTITUTION: Landmark Supreme Court Decisions by Peter Sgroi

THE LIVING CONSTITUTION: Landmark Supreme Court Decisions

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Through a narrow focus, this Constitution bicentennial book relates crucial aspects of US history. History teacher Sgroi has wisely chosen to tell readers about three milestones in Supreme Court history, each reflecting a crisis in human affairs and further defining the work of the court as interpreter of the Constitution. Marbury vs. Madison forcefully stated that the court was the final arbiter of the nation's laws. Dred Scott showed, as Charles Evan Hughes said, "". . .the Constitution is what the judges say it is,"" and may have sped the country toward the Civil War And U.S. vs. Nixon, during Watergate, demonstrated that a President is not immune from criminal investigation. By limiting himself to these cases, Sgroi has provided sharp portraits of the times; through dramatic writing, he gives readers information they are likely to remember. One hundred and four Justices have now had the right to interpret the Constitution. This book, favoring depth over panorama, shouldn't get lost in the current flood of bicentennial titles.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1987
Page count: 128pp
Publisher: Messner