ITALY BETRAYED by Peter Tompkins


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This dramatic, easily-read and entertaining history of Italy from the fall of Mussolini to the Allied invasion is by Peter Tompkins, author of The Murder of Admiral Darlan (1965) and A Spy in Rome (1962). He uses both documentary evidence and personal experiences to recount how poor Italy suffered through the Duce's disposal and the betrayal of the King and his ministers. The Badoglio interim government was manned by Fascists even smaller in mind than Mussolini. Their counter-plots and double dealings concerning efforts to make a separate armistice with the Allies--while the German army closed in on them across the Alps--go on while Italy flounders through a year of the King's collusion. When he and his cohorts flee--thus the betrayal--leaving Italy between the pincers of Germany and the Invasion Force, the rape of Italia, as Peter Tompkins sees it, is complete. Good history need not remain neutral. Tompkins' observations, based on his presence as an OSS agent at the fall of the Badoglio government, prove that. It makes him a passionate partisan and that passion informs the pages of this account.

Pub Date: Oct. 27th, 1966
Publisher: Simon & Schuster