THE COFFIN SHIP by Peter Tonkin


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From the author of Killer (1979), the story of an intrepid British captain, his delectable third mate, and a polyglot crew who sail their supertanker around Africa--all the while battling huge storms, world-class food poisoning, and endless acts of sabotage that fail to surprise the ship's owner. The skipper is Richard Mariner. The delectable third mate is Robin Heritage, sister of Mariner's late and promiscuous wife. The ship's owner is the sleazy Greco-American businessman Kostas Demetrios. Captain Mariner, whose unhappy marriage ended and seagoing career went on hold after a collision at sea sank both Mrs. Mariner and Mariner's ship, has since been running Crewfinders, a finn providing replacement sailors to needy ships all over the world. He himself now has to fill in for the late captain of the supertanker Prometheus after a shipboard disaster wiped out most of the ship's officers. Those officers had been looking for a time-bomb planted at the behest of someone hoping to sink Prometheus at sea; but before they could disable the bomb, the men fell victim to the ship's automatic fire-smothering system. When the survivors, Mariner, and his replacement crew sari from the Persian Gulf, they carry a full load of oil and the hidden bomb. After entirely too many calamities spoil Prometheus's cruise, it becomes evident there are still saboteurs aboard. But Mariner has not only found pleasure with the lovely Robin, he has also remembered how much he loves being a ship captain--and he is not about to let the ship sink without a fair fight. A tight, no-nonsense, seagoing adventure.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1990
Publisher: Crown