THE LAST HERO by Peter W. Denzer


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The glowering, hulking boyhood and young manhood of Louis Adar, at odds with the world and particularly his parents, is a rather glum record of maladaptation, experimentation, and unruly protest which makes only a faint bid for sympathy. From a big brute of a boy, to an inflammatory 19, Louis is seen in his antagonism toward his Jewish doctor father, his quiet, repressive mother. He refuses to go to college, then to earn the approval of his father agrees, finally backs down and goes off to get a job as a laborer in a knife factory. He has an affair with a schoolteacher, Anita, and finds some easement in her ""soft and giving warmness"", but after his father's death, he reaches his decision to give up the factory where this phase of his life is concluded with a dangerous fire..... Peter Denzer who has written two other novels (Dutton) has made few softening, redeeming concessions to the reader who is most likely to find it uncouth.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1957
Publisher: Henry Holt