MY VANISHED AFRICA by Peter W. Rainier
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Thirty years of adventure and excitement in Africa, from the Boer War to the years following the last World War. Born in the Transvaal some fifty years ago, his life span has compassed strange doings in the African scene. He had a wandering life, hunting diamonds, gold, rubber, wattles, ivory; joining the African fight against the local Germans; working on a plan to catch goldthieves. He ran a tin mine, and there lost his wife and baby in the flu epidemic. His sympathy and understanding of the natives stood him in good stead in many adventures; he delighted in odd characters. A lively tale, highly colorful reading, with adventure, treasure hunting, courage -- and a new slant on African history and background. More than enough entertainment for the stay-at-home -- good escape reading for today's market.

Publisher: Yale